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We have 9 stunning Quartz colours in our range. You can hand select your material from our stock and view a full slab, rather than looking at a small sample.


Looking for long kitchen runs or wide islands? Not a problem!

Oyster Quartz slabs are 3.2m x 1.6m meaning you will have no problem getting all the family around your island.

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More About Quartz Surfaces

Natural Quartz Stone
Colour Pigmentation
Polymer Resin

Although engineered, Oyster Quartz is 93% natural crushed quartz. The ability to present an ultra-strong surface while maintaining the look of natural stone makes it the perfect modern or classic work surface. You can be confident that Oyster Quartz surfaces are ideal for your home or commercial project. Features such as high resistance to staining, and no absorption make this the ideal surface for any busy family kitchen or bathroom.

We recommend that you visit us to see the Oyster Quartz colours for yourself, as shades and veining in slabs can vary slightly compared to small generic samples.


Why Do Customers Love Oyster Quartz?


1. Although manufactured, Oyster Quartz is 93% natural. Having the ability to make a strong surface while maintaining the look of natural stones makes it the perfect surface.


2. With a 15 year guarantee, you can be confident that Oyster Quartz surfaces are fit for your environment. Visit our showroom and view the material for yourself.


3. Loved by grandparents across Wales! Oyster Quartz surfaces remain cool to the touch making them the perfect surface for introducing the grandchildren into baking.


4. No stains, no absorption - making the ideal surface for any busy kitchen, in particular if there are children around. Being non porous Oyster Quartz surfaces are highly resistant to staining from products such as coffee, vinegar and lemon juice.

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